North American Journal of Medical Sciences

North American Journal of Medical Sciences adopts the best practice of article retraction:

• A retraction mark "RETRACTION: [ARTICLE TITLE] with the authors is published in the paginated part of the journal and listed in the contents table.
• A link is made to the original article, which is unchanged save for a watermark on the PDF indicating "retracted" on each page.
• A retraction note is retained online, and the HTML version of the article is removed.

Adopting the best practice is to establish an permanent, historic record of the transactions of scholarship. However, an article is published, but must be retracted or removed in the following reasons:

Bogus claims of authorship, plagiarism, multiple submission, fraudulent use of data, legal limitations, copyright holder or author(s), false or inaccurate data.

For more information on retractions, visit National Library of Medicine and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.